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A sensual identity

Yasmine Ammal Piskorski, Creative Director and Owner of contemporary R.T.W brand Horde Studio, is a true ‘globally nomadic itinerant’, regularly commuting between Casablanca > Paris & London, quietly observing and immersing herself in cultures, driving the design and concept process through inspiration and fascination with the nuances of identity.

The vindication of her nomadic desire and lifestyle is her brand HORDE, the physical and tangible manifestation of a unique mindset, deep rooted in the culture of the individual and the luxury found within identity.

HORDE STUDIO is an ever evolving, modular, ready to wear collection, inspired by the eclectic street-style of Paris & London whilst celebrating the colours and textures prevalent in Casablanca, comprising the silhouettes, textures and esoteric patterns to provide a modern wardrobe selection.

As the studio & brand Ceative Director Yasmine’ modus operandi is to craft, curate and create. As primarily an artist with a deep connection to abstract painting, it is the nuances found within raw, honest creativity and the idiosyncrasies of human behaviour that finessed the transition of her abstractions from the artist's canvas onto denim, to see her creations come to life as they live and breathe on the human form.

“Whoever dares nothing, loses themselves. Let’s share pride in having challenging projects even unrealistic ones as things don’t move unless we have a dream.“ Andre Putman

The deep rooted DNA binding the HORDE-STUDIO manifesto is to share in the creative journey. “its so vital to me that I personally know all the people involved in the project, as Horde Studio is built around vibrations and shared positive energies. I need to get involved personally with my teams and only work with people who make me feel good, inspired and most importantly ... positive”.

HORDE STUDIO is Yasmine’s authentic self, the one that radiates and shines. HORDE allows her to be the most honest version of herself as a woman, a wife, a mother and a passionate, modern creative.

The studio is the result of transparency and collaborative work, based on strong bonds and mutually respectful values. Respect for others, for their choices, for each person’s efforts, for the natural world.

From the choice of fabrics and materials to the manufacture of its pieces our processes are respectful of humans, animals and the environment.