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Marble Jacket

Statement denim with an expressive marble print in a stylish, modern cut. Horde's marble print jackets are a stunning expression of individuality in practical, hardwearing, premium denim.

Many people searching for ‘marble jacket ladies,’ ‘marble jackets’ or similar and finding our website have often been inspired to place an order immediately since we offer exactly what many fashion conscious people are looking for: eco-friendly, stylish marble jackets made to last and available in a variety of sizes that fit well and feel good to wear.

A key attraction of a marble jacket is its uniqueness: the manufacturing process means each jacket is slightly different to another so you know you are wearing something specific to you. Our marble jackets can be matched up with Horde jeans in a corresponding design style - so why not invest in a jacket and jeans ensemble in animal print, monochrome or other pattern?

Stylish and practical marble print jacket options

Along with the style and fashion aspect of our marble print jacket design there is the practical benefits of our denim wear: our manufacturing process makes your marble jacket easy to maintain and eco-friendly as it can be cold washed and line dried and, when it is finally time for replacement, easily recycled or even passed on.

Our marble ladies jackets (we offer a male line too) will wear naturally and elegantly over time and represent a genuine investment in your wardrobe as a fashionable, practical and hard wearing item of denim wear.

As an innovative brand we maintain a lively presence on social media to show what is happening in the Horde world of denim, so connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok to keep informed of what new designs, initiatives, promotions and special offers we are running.