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Marble Jeans

Marble print jeans make statement denim an exciting addition to your wardrobe. In a range of bold colours and inspired designs Horde marble effect jeans are crafted in hard-wearing, eco-friendly premium marble denim. Boldly cut in a striking monochrome pattern or vibrant two-tone blue marble, these unique pieces embody expression and individuality.

Woman and mens designer denim jeans can be taken to a whole new level with our innovative and imaginative print styles: marble, wave and animal print are three popular choices for those looking for the best designer denim jeans to turn a popular and much loved garment into a genuine fashion statement.

Add the flexibility of how easily you can combine your denim jeans designer print with a wide array of tops, shirts and footwear, and you have a hard wearing and long lasting garment that you will be pleased to wear for a long time to come. Our women and mens designer denim jeans are a sound eco-friendly choice as they can be cold washed and line dried, and when they finally wear out - albeit a long time into future - your pair of designer jeans denim print can be easily recycled.

Easy ordering of mens and womens designer denim jeans

Why not get to know our exciting denim wear brand on social media via facebook, Instagram of Tik Tok? On those platforms and here on our website you can be kept up to date with our new design denim jeans as new lines are introduced - we have our finger firmly on the pulse of what is hot in the womens and mens denim jeans designer world and react accordingly with exciting new denim wear releases.

Your women or mens designer jeans order will soon be with you once you have made your choice: our fast, same day dispatch and two day fully trackable delivery service means you will soon be wearing your denim jeans designer print - and if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase we offer a 30 day returns and exchange service.

For the best in printed denim jeans designer mens and womens, Horde is the name.