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Mens Designer Jackets

The classic denim jacket has evolved since the rocker-inspired blue denim jackets so popular in the 50s and 60s. With a modern cut in hardwearing premium denim, Horde men's designer jackets are a statement of individuality in a practical, timeless fabric.

Horde is the exciting and pioneering brand for all things related to designer jackets for men: choose from a variety of styles including striking monochrome, marble, animal print and wave. As a mens jackets designer we are at the forefront of making the most of denim to help you enhance your wardrobe options.

Our men’s designer jackets are available in a wide choice of sizes so you should find a style that fits. The hard wearing and eco-friendly nature of our denim means your men designer jacket purchase is a true investment in your wardrobe that will pay off far into the future with a practical and good looking garment that will wear naturally and elegantly and, when the time comes for renewal, is easily recycled or even passed on.

Horde designer jackets men’s: practical and eco-friendly

Caring for your designer mens jacket is easy and eco-friendly since it can be cold washed and line dried, so why not make your choice and order now?

All our designer mens jackets are available through our fast same day dispatch and two day trackable ordering service, and if you are not fully happy with your item we offer a 30 day returns and refunds facility such is the faith and confidence we have in our men designer jackets range.

Why not pair your new mens designer jacket with a matching design from our jeans collection for a truly eye catching ensemble? Also, as an innovative brand, you will want to keep in touch with us to see what is new in the Horde world of denim, so connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok to check out our mens designer jackets, other denim lines and special offers.